About Talaash

The idea

Talaash is a platform for young, interested and dedicated people who seek a critical approach towards the region of South Asia. Talaash offers a space for discussion and an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences. Through a scientific and an artistic approach Talaash wants to contribute to a critical public sphere and encourage ambitious young researchers and artists in the realization of their ideas and projects.

Talaash is a non-profit association, which is based on the common effort of its volunteers.

Talaash offers...

Target Group

Talaash sees young researchers and young artists as each and every one with the courage to ask questions, with the commitment to create ideas and with the eagerness for discussions.

The thought

Talaash stands for a free access to knowledge and for a research which is not limited to any formalized, academic framework, but which follows on its own the principles of good ideas and critical analysis. Furthermore the association supports the belief that young people play an essential and irreplaceable role for the development of research and arts. The association envisages as one of its main targets reducing and dismantling stereotypes on South Asia and promotes a balanced and equitable focus on all countries of the region. „Talaash“ means in many South Asian languages „search, research, investigation“.

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