Development Assistance and Aid in Pakistan – From local experiences to regional observations

with Jakob Steiner
Project Manager Pakistan of ProLoka

Development aid to Pakistan has been enormous in recent decades – albeit the results are discouraging. The NGO sector is rather a lucrative business than a philanthropic initiative, social ndicators in education and health have deteriorated and the suspicion of the Pakistani people owards foreign involve–and investment is steadily rising. And while a new wave of multi-billion dollar donations are being funneled to the country, the aid community is still wondering what o do with it – we are only at the very beginning of the discussion of how that aid will be nvested in a way that makes it efficient and not to make the same old mistakes again and again.

Based on recent papers from the aid community and social and political scientists discussing the aid influx into Pakistan, akob Steiner will discuss some of the most important issues hat portray this dilemma. Using field experiences, he will show what scholars are trying to point out and political decision makers will need to stick to if a long term solution is envisaged.

Date/Time: 08.06.2010, 18:30
Location: GBW (Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien)
Neubaugasse 8
1070 Wien

This event is carried out in cooperation with GBW (Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien)

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